Who is Rob Pitt?

A brief synopsis

What I do. Who I've helped. What I love.

I'm Rob Pitt, I help large companies and small businesses make money.

It's Me Rob!

I identify obstacles in their conversion funnels, onboardings, apps, and websites. I analyze, test and make designs backed by data that help businesses to improve their user experiences. I use conversion optimization and human behavior to create lift, engagement and satisfaction.

My work has earned me recognition and awards. Including, TD WOW Quarter recipent, CashStar of the Month, L.L.Bean’s Best, best non-profit website design, and #1 Facebook page for acquisitions. I'm listed by my peers as one of the top 100 web designers to follow on twitter!

I’ve helped companies large and small. Including TD Bank, Nordstrom, Gap, Subway, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, L.L.Bean and many more. My favorite thing to do though is to share what I learn and help others grow. I’ve gained an honest following of some amazing and talented people on Twitter including entrpreneurs, creative directors, growth hackers, the voice of Siri, and Barack Obama.

I started my design business when I was still in college with a full time side job. I taught myself how to program and design. My first portfolio site launched in 2001. I have since started several successful businesses and I am an entrepreneur at heart.

I curate and operate an online antique store leveraging everything I know. Growth hacking an existing business is easy. I wanted the challenge of starting from nothing and testing my limits.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this. I take what I know working for large retailers to help small business owners. I use user experience design, email marketing, cro, and SEO to more than double annual revenues. I have a secret formula I use on every new project that is guaranteed to find all the holes.

I build my reputation through always learning, improving and being honest.